Pet Microchipping

Pet Microchipping

For most pet owners, the thought of a pet going missing is very painful. One way to help avoid this problem is through pet microchipping, and it’s an option that is becoming increasingly popular. The microchip is no larger than a grain of rice, and it can be implanted quickly and easily.

How Pet Microchipping Works

Using RFID technology, the microchip is registered with your contact information. It is then implanted, sitting comfortably under your pet’s skin. If your pet is lost and ends up in a shelter, the personnel there can access the information using a scanner. At that time they can contact you and reunite you with your pet. Hartman Veterinary Hospital can perform pet microchipping quickly—and offer you considerable peace of mind.

See How Hartman Veterinary Hospital Can Help

If you feel that your pet would benefit from pet microchipping, feel free to get in touch with us by clicking the Contact Us link above. We are also available to discuss any other veterinary health concerns you have regarding your pet.


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