Thyroid Testing

Is your dog experiencing hair loss, bacterial skin infections, or excessive skin pigmentation? Is he or she lethargic, demonstrating weakness or presenting with a slow heart rate?

These could be symptoms of hyperthyroidism, a relatively common endocrine disease of dogs—especially large breeds—in which functioning thyroid tissue is lost. The disease can occur in either sex and usually becomes apparent in young adults (1-3 years of age) or middle-aged dogs (4-9 years of age).

Hartman Veterinary Hospital can test your dog with a blood test to determine if he or she is suffering from hyperthyroidism. If the test is positive, we can help your dog with the treatment that is right for them.

If your pet requires thyroid tests, call us at (419) 385-7433 or visit our Contact Us page. We are also available to discuss any other veterinary health concerns you have regarding your pet.


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