Care Credit

Are you looking for payment options? At Hartman Veterinary Hospital, we accept Care Credit for your veterinary financing needs. You can apply here.

Pet Food

At Hartman, we offer two high-quality pet food brands: Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Purina for cats and dogs. We also offer nutritious Harrison’s Bird Foods for your avian pets, too!

Online Pharmacy

Are you unable to make it to Hartman’s veterinary pharmacy in Toledo? No worries, visit our online pharmacy.

Small Animal Education

Our small companion pets have big needs. From guinea pigs, chinchillas, mice, hamsters, and reptiles, Oxbow Animal Health is a great resource for pet care information and products.

ASPCA Pet Insurance

If you’re looking for pet health insurance for your cat or dog, look no further. ASPCA offers a wide variety of options. Get a quote today!

House Rabbit Society

From grooming to litter training, House Rabbit Society offers educational information for rabbit owners and those curious about owning one.